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About us

Our Story

Lotus Domes was born out of an obsession to make a better geodesic structure for temporary events, and create the spaces for like-minded folk to come together. The frame and covers were originally conceived, designed, and produced to serve the activities of Floating Lotus CIC, a mobile solar powered venue which travels around the UK providing an environmentally minded and sustainable gathering space for festivals, green fairs, weddings, schools, events, and private parties.

The geodesic domes proved themselves at numerous events and requests to rent or buy the domes from Floating Lotus lead to the creation of Lotus Domes.

Team Work

Dr Alan Turnbull, together with Andy Mason, a highly skilled engineer and tool-maker, developed the frame and hub design. Vince Lloyd a master of canvas with decades of experience with marquee construction fine-tuned the covering production in our 14m geodesic dome canvas workshop. Sean Garner now joins the family to oversee the construction of Lotus Domes here in California.