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Geodesic Dome Hubs

Geodesic hubs or nodes.

Over the years there have been many designs for the crucial geodesic hub or node, although many have used the simple bolted system (seen here) largely because it is simple and seems economical.  Our unique geodesic node design has a number of major advantages for a temporary dome structure or one where strength is important.


Costs for installation can be as much as 70% less than traditional bolted frames

The Pressed Pole Problem

With the simple bolted construction method the pole ends are pressed flat and drilled to allow bolting together 5 or 6 poles. This introduces stresses to the pole and makes the pole ends much weaker. Some flexing of the flattened ends during assembly is inevitable. If the structure is assembled and disassembled a few times then metal fatigue will need to be considered. A pole will not stay in position until supported at both ends

The Lotus Domes Hub advantage.

Tool-free assembly

A major benefit of the Lotus Dome hub design is the tool-free assembly (no spanners or ratchets to drop!). Locking pins simply click into place, Our smaller domes use smaller hubs along with thinner and lighter poles. This increases for larger structures of higher frequency. Each hub has a captive stainless insert to take heavy-duty eyelet bolts from the inside.

Superior strength & durability

With not squashing the end of each pole flat, so retaining the tubular nature of the strut to its full length makes the structure much stronger.

Because the ends our poles are not flattened, bending of the poles during construction is minimised. Therefore the frames do not suffer metal fatigue and are far more durable. All poles are fully galvanized for durability.

Easier & faster construction

The dome is constructed from the base upwards, with each pole fixed into position by the locking pin. This allows for installation with a ladder (or scissor lift), placing just one pole and hub at a time. The precision-made hubs hold the poles at both the correct radial and inward angle. With the geodesic nodes fixing the position of each pole, the whole construction can often be handled by one person.

For larger domes, not having to lift the structure from above with a crane is potentially a safer and better way to construct domes. Of course, there are also cost savings and crane vehicle access is another problem removed.

Color coding of the poles is very helpful in construction, and powder-coating is an ideal solution and is also visually stunning. Of course, you can specify any color scheme you want for the poles.

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